Football Brawl

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What is Football Brawl?

Football Brawl

A Football Brawl is on an even more intense level of excitement and hardship than a regular football game online, which is precisely why right now we are delighted to share the game with you all, and we hope that none of you miss out on the chance to play it, even if you're not generally fans of this sport, as you might become one after this!

Can you win the Football Brawl online?

First, controls: move with A, and D, jump with space and kick the ball with H or J. To activate special skills, when possible, use K and L. The players have oversized heads, a feature that always makes games in this genre better and more fun, as you will see right away!

Before the time of the match runs out on you, try scoring more goals than the computer, which is how you win, and try winning all the matches, reach the cup final, and WIN IT! Good luck with all that, we hope to see you around for more fun to come, and maybe you will share the game with your friends as well!

How to play?

Use the A, D, H, J, K, L keys and the spacebar.

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