UFO Hunters

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What is UFO Hunters?

UFO Hunters

UFO Hunters, despite its title, is a hidden objects game, one where the objects you are searching for are flying saucers that are trying to stay out of the sight of humans, but we are sure that with your keen eye and incredible focus you will be able to spot all of them and reveal them to humanity!

Let's become UFO Hunters in this new hidden objects game!

At the bottom of the screen you can see the objects you are searching for, and revealing them one by one will help you to close the gap to the aliens, and even more importantly, try catching the energy balls when they appear, and take the aliens by surprise.

Use the help power-up only when absolutely necessary. The best we wish you all, fun as only here is possible, and we hope that you check out all the other amazing new games of the day we are bringing over for you all!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.