World of War Tanks

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World of War Tanks
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What is World of War Tanks?

World of War Tanks

Here it is, World of War Tanks, one of the best new tank shooting and war games online for boys that we are glad to add to our website right now and here, where we know very well how much love this format gets from visitors all across the world, and this new 3D game is surely not going to be an exception either, as we've tested it all out ourselves, so we guarantee the experience!

Enter the World of War Tanks right now and have fun!

If you pick the Polygon mode, that is more for training, or challenging yourself, as you get various maps where you need to move according to them, and eliminate the targets along the way. If you play Missions, you go into battle right away, having to defeat enemy tanks to make sure you survive and turn the odds of the war to your side.

Use WASD to move and click to shoot after you aim by moving the mouse around. It's kill or be killed, so take down enemy tanks as you survive their own attacks on you. From the main menu, you can customize or upgrade tanks to use in battle and gain an advantage. We wish you victory, and fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.


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