Archery King

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Archery King
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What is Archery King?

Archery King

Archery King is a game we really needed to share with you on our website right now since we know that bow and arrow shooting games are never going out of style here, and why would they, since they are fun, and they help you become better in your aim, precision, and overall skills, all in a safe way, as everything is virtual!

Become an Archery King online!

You can play solo, or 1P, where you have levels, each one getting more difficult than the one before, and based on your performance you can get one, two, or three stars. For the 2P mode, you play as a guest or log in, and then play against other archers from all across the world.

If that is how you play, you will take turns, and the player that shoots closer to the center and gets more points will become the winner, simple as that!

Use the mouse by holding it and dragging it to aim your arrow, and when you want to make the shot, simply release the mouse. If you miss too many times, wasting your arrows, you lose the level and need to restart it.

Let the fun begin right now, only here, and invite your friends along for the ride, they might not know about this game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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