Laser Push

17.12.2022 416 9 votes

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What is Laser Push?

Laser Push

Laser Push is yet another exciting puzzle game in 3D from Fancade that our team is delighted to share with everyone here right now for free, as these games have never disappointed our audience, and this one won't be starting all of that either!

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Use the mouse or finger to swipe and move the box with a laser shooting from it around, with the goal being to move so that you get the golden blocks into the spots meant for them, which is when you clear the level but need to do it in such a way that the laser does not destroy them, so avoid having the laser beams hit them, you will have to retry the level.

As you advance through the levels and they get harder, there can be more boxes to push, and a map that is trickier for you to handle, but if you think hard enough, and continues experimenting, you will do a great job as only here is possible!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.