Laser Charge

Laser Charge

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Laser Charge
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Laser Charge Overview


Bringing you puzzle and logic games online here is something we really love doing as often as possible, and precisely for that reason, you are now invited to have lots and lots of fun with Laser Charge, where electricity and lasers are under your own control, in a game where you need to make connections unlike you've ever done before!

Let's solve the puzzles to charge the laser!

The goal you have per level is to make the laser beam hit the battery and charge it, and to do that you will click on the mirrors given to you on the screen to rotate them around, doing so until they make the laser charge reach the battery since that is the only way to move the electricity.

Got it, right? It is as easy as that, although each new level takes on a bigger level of difficulty, and we've got no doubt at all in the world that you will finish them nonetheless, and enjoy your time a whole lot!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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