Death Race Monster Arena

Death Race Monster Arena

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Death Race Monster Arena
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Death Race Monster Arena Overview


Death Race Monster Arena is a game that has everything you might want as a boy or man: racing, monster trucks, an awesome 3D-rendered world, and the ability to play this game with another real player from the same device, as we're sure that you agree with us that 2 player games are among the best ones we've got here!

Let's enter the Death Race Monster Arena with 2 Players!

If you're choosing the Derby mode, give your best to hit into the other trucks inside the arena and smash them down, being the last one standing to win. For the Free Drive mode, relax and just drive your big truck while trying your best not to crash it, of course.

The Racing mode is as simple as it can be, as you need to get ahead of the other monster trucks and cross the finish line first, and in the Challenge mode, you need to meet all the requirements you get in order to achieve your goal. Earn money and use them in the garage to buy and unlock all eight monster trucks.

If you play 1P, you go up against bots, if you play 2P, it's another real racer, in which case, these are the controls you need to know about:

  • Player 1: WASD to drive, Shift for NOS, R to roll back.
  • Player 1: ARROWS to drive, M for NOS, U to roll back.

Now that you've understood how the game works, nothing should be holding you back from giving it your best right now, after which we've got even more great and awesome games for you all, guaranteed!

How to play?

P1: WASD, Shift, R.



RHM Interactive

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