Puffle Launch

Puffle Launch

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Puffle Launch
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Puffle Launch Overview


Puffle Launch is going to be one of the best cannon shooting games with flying that you'll ever see in the Club Penguin Games category, a page that is going to get a lot of attention today and in the near future on our website, so you trying out all these classics as this one is what we hope to see you do!

Launch the Puffle!

There are three locations you will play through, each with its own levels:

  • Blue Sky
  • Soda Sunset
  • Box Dimension

You will begin from the bottom, and try your best to shoot the Puffle from one cannon to another as high as possible, collecting rings along the way between them, since that is how you increase your score, and we're sure that you would want a big one, no?

Get to the final ring, the portal one, to clear the levels. Now, the cannons will move in various directions by themselves, so when they are pointing towards where you want to go, press the spacebar to shoot the Puffle from them. That is how you navigate the levels of these worlds.

We hope you come out of this game with a big score, and have had tons of fun, as with any and all our daily additions!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.



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