Rally Champion

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What is Rally Champion?

Rally Champion

Rally Champion is here to make our collection of racing games with cars even bigger than it already was, as we know for a fact that you can't get enough of them, and when new ones that are also mobile-friendly games get released, we make sure to share them with you as quickly as possible!

Become the fastest Rally Champion!

Through each of the trails in the forest, give your best to be the first one that reaches and crosses the finish line to win, as you start off from tenth place, and you have to give your best to rank as high as possible, if not first.

To drive the car is quite simple, as you use the arrow keys for it, and if you go over the speed boosts in the shape of arrows, you are going to gain speed to overtake the other cars.

Now that you've been taught how to play this awesome game, start it right now, only here, and maybe share it with friends as well, the more here, the merrier!



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How to play?

Use the arrows.