Sauna Run

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What is Sauna Run?

Sauna Run

Welcome, all hypercasual runner games fans on our website to one of the best new such additions we've prepared for you all, and we're talking about the game called Sauna Run, which features a premise unlike you've seen here in this genre before, so all of the things that make it unique you should discover them right now!

How far can you go on the Sauna Run?

Use the mouse if playing on a computer and use the finger on mobile devices to move the sauna bed on the course, where you need to grab as many people as you can, and to achieve that you also need to go through the green gates that increase the capacity of your bed.

The more people you transport to the massage tables at the end of a course, the more money you earn, and the same are also true for piles of cash that you can grab along the way. Avoid the red gates, since they decrease capacity, and avoid various traps set along the way that will knock down people from the sauna bed.

Each new course gets bigger and more difficult, but also more fun to go through, guaranteed, so start right now, see how far you can reach, and maybe share this game with some of your friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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