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Twerk Run

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Twerk Run
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Twerk Run Overview


We can't get tired of running games 3d online, even if we might get tired when doing actual running. We're sure that many kids and adults visiting our website feel the same, which is why we are very happy that at this moment we can share with you a new addition to the genre, which only grows bigger day after day, and that is Twerk Run. Yes, is as interesting and as fun as it sounds!

Let's do the Twerk Run online, shall we?

Unlike in most of the other games in the series, here you are aiming to eat as many hamburgers, pizza, cake, or other 'bad' food because you're goal is to grow your butt bigger and bigger, and upon doing so, reach the finish line.

Once there, you will use the bounce of the butt to jump in the air, and there you should try clicking or tapping when the meter is in the green zone in order to get a bigger boost of speed.

With the speed and power of your butt thrust you aim to hit the other character far into the multiplier lanes and the farther she reaches, the more your score gets multiplied.

Avoid green foods, good food, or anything else that might make your butt smaller on the courses, which get increasingly more difficult, with more obstacles and traps as well. We wish you the best, and tons of fun, as always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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