Run Boys

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What is Run Boys?

Run Boys

Run Boys is here for the many visitors of our website who we know for a fact love to play running and racing games online in 3D, especially if they have a format inspired by Fall Guys, just like it is going to be the case right now with this amazing new 3D experience we highly recommend!

Join the Run Boys and win the race!

Use the WASD or ARROW keys to control your avatar, where you get put with 30-something other racers, running boys looking like animals or various kinds of monsters, but cute ones, of course, with your goal being to win the race, or, at least, get as high into the rankings as possible.

The courses have obstacles, moving and static alike, which you need to be careful of and find the best way to run through them so that instead of getting stuck, you get the chance of passing other players and overtaking them. That's basically it, so now that you know, let the fun start, and don't stop here, since we always have more amazing games in store!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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