Lifetime Run

Lifetime Run

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Lifetime Run
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Lifetime Run Overview


Lifetime Run is yet another exciting hypercasual runner game online in 3D that our administrative team was really keen on sharing with everyone on our website right now since these games never miss, and we know that you never miss playing them either, so sharing it with you right now was one of the best decisions we could have taken, we are positive!

Let's start your Lifetime Run!

The goal you have in this game is to cut as much down from your life as possible, doing it by going through the gates that make you younger, not older, and also picking up things such as water, workout pads, and other items that will help you rejuvenate, instead of making you older.

If you become too old to son, you are going to lose, but if you get to the end of the roads, where stairs are meant to be climbed, the younger you are, the higher you get, meaning that you will achieve a higher multiplier bonus by reaching really high, otherwise, it will be a smaller reward.

Each new course features more difficult checkpoints to get through, so focus to become better as you play too, which is very important. Good luck, enjoy, and maybe share the game with friends as well, they might love it just as much!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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