Stickman Shooter Run

Stickman Shooter Run

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Stickman Shooter Run
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Stickman Shooter Run Overview


Stickman Shooter Run, as you've probably realized from the game's title, is one of the newest running and shooting games in 3D we are now excited to share with everyone on our website, where we are always seeking to bring you the best there is, today being no exception, and we will now proceed to explain the format, so you can give your absolute best from the get-go!

It's time to go on a Stickman Shooter Run online!

Use the mouse to swipe left and right, or the touch controls, so that your stickman goes into the gates that give him more soldiers, grandes and other weapons, or even just money in general, while you have to make sure you're avoiding the bad gates that make you weaker.

This is because you encounter other groups of stickmen and you need to shoot and beat them up so that at least your main shooter reaches the treasure chest at the end of the level, gets the money, and uses it to buy various upgrades in between and do a better job.

It's quite as simple as you can see, so now that it's understood, feel free to play the game right away, and stick around for even more fun to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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