Red Carpet Run

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What is Red Carpet Run?

Red Carpet Run

Red Carpet Run is a new hypercasual running game in 3D aimed specifically at girls, but everyone can play it, since, at the end of the day, it is all about skill, running, and having fun, with us telling you more about it right now, so you can get straight into it and give it your best, after which we are sure you will do amazing!

It's time to go on a Red Carpet Run online!

Hold and drag the left mouse button (or touch controls directly on the screen) to move your girl with the red carpet and grab more red fabric, so that you make it wider and bigger because the bigger it is by the end of the courses, the more extra points you get awarded.

There will be traps that cut it down to a smaller size, and some you cannot avoid at all, so the bigger the carpet you have, the better. Diamonds go great on a red carpet, so make sure that you also grab them from the courses for some well-deserved extra points.

It's been a pleasure to explain this simple premise to you, but you will love it even more when you start playing, something you're invited to do right at this moment!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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