Fall Red Stickman

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What is Fall Red Stickman?

Fall Red Stickman

Fall Red Stickman is yet another awesome ragdoll physics game online that we now invite everyone to try out, a game that allows you all to take a stickman ragdoll that has no feelings, only a stick body, which you can throw around and move so that you inflict as much damage on it as possible, something we will explain to you how to do right now, worry not!

Play Fall Red Stickman online and destroy the ragdoll!

Use the left mouse button to make the stickman start falling on the stairs, or use the finger directly on the screen to do it, in case you're playing on mobile devices, and the further you can make it drop to its death, the more stairs it will hit, and the more traps as well, making damage to its body.

Give your best to make as many fractures as possible, and get a really big score in return, and the next time you play, try to make even bigger damage and get even more points. Good luck to everyone, we wish you the absolute best, and hope to see you around for more daily content as only here you get to have!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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