Arena Angry Cars

13.01.2023 537 8 votes

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What is Arena Angry Cars?

Arena Angry Cars

Arena Angry Cars is a new car bumping game online in 3D with action and tons of fun that we hope each and every one of you will be willing right now to give a chance, since we know from our own time with it how much fun it can be, so you should not miss out on the experience for anything in the world!

Enter the Arena of Angry Cars online right now!

Start off by choosing one of the four available cars, and know that you can buy some other models down the line with the credits that you earn. The winner is the one that remains the last one standing in the arena, but the higher you rank, the more credits you are going to earn.

Instead of using arrows, use the mouse to drive your car, clicking left and right to turn in those directions, as you need to bump into the other cars and smash them away from the arena, and if they fall into the abyss, you eliminate them. They will try to do the very same to you, so focus on not letting it happen and hang on as much as possible!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.