Foxy Land 2

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Foxy Land 2
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What is Foxy Land 2?

Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2 is an adventure game with platforms and animals, as the title suggests, which is a powerful continuation that improves a whole lot over the first edition in this series that we shared with you all not too long ago, so we would not have dared to miss the chance of sharing the game with you right now, where you're about to also have amazing adventures right now!

Play Foxy Land 2 online for free, solo, or with two players!

Use the A and D keys for moving, W to jump and double jump, if you press it twice, use G to shoot if you are Player 1, and use L to shoot if you are Player 2. The ARROWS are used for moving and jumping for the other character, and there will also be virtual buttons on the screen if you're playing on a phone or tablet.

With your character(s), advance through the platformed level, avoiding the enemies, traps, and obstacles that you might encounter, while collecting coins, taking down baddies, and going as far as you can with no stress.

Don't lose your lives, and make sure that you keep the story going, as you meet characters, talk to them, and have fun in ways that you never had before!

How to play?

Use W, A, D, the ARROWS, L, and G.


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