Tower Climb

Tower Climb

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Tower Climb
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Tower Climb Overview


Tower Climb is a really cool skill game in 3D that we highly recommend to boys and girls alike that visit our website, with us being convinced that if you give it a go, you are going to have an absolute blast with it, as you do with any and all games we bring over for you since we always make sure of that!

Let's climb the tower!

You're going to play the role of a hooded figure having to climb a deadly tower, something you are going to do in this game right now by clicking on the left and right sides of the screen, or tapping with the finger, doing it in order to move from one side of the tower to the other, while making sure that you don't hit the spikes or other traps because you will then die.

The higher you climb on the tower, the bigger your score becomes, of course, and we hope that each time you are playing you are giving it your best to get a bigger score than last time. The very best we wish everyone here, and we hope you aren't stopping at this game, we've got plenty more in store!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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