Teen Titans Go: Sofa Games

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Teen Titans Go: Sofa Games
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What is Teen Titans Go: Sofa Games?

Teen Titans Go: Sofa Games

Teen Titans Go: Sofa Games is a really new and interesting skill and jumping game online set in this Cartoon Network universe, where we know that you are always willing to play more new and interesting games, and you can bet that we are always down to sharing new such content with everyone here!

Let's play Sofa Games online with the Teen Titans Go headliners!

Start off by choosing which of the five characters you want to be, and only that one will then be left on the sofa, where you are going to start jumping on it, moving the mouse and finger left and right to change directions.

Do so in order to jump from one side to another, and avoid the black items that come towards you, because if they hit you too many times, you lose, but if you collect the golden ones, you earn points in return.

The items change from one character to another, but no matter what it is, try your best to earn more points than before each new time that you are playing, simple as that! Let's begin right now, shall we?

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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