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Looking Glass

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Looking Glass
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Looking Glass Overview


Looking Glass is a game with battles, adventures, and cats, a combo we have no doubt in the entire world you are going to appreciate greatly from start to finish since it is quite rare for you to find games like this one, with RPG elements, strategy, puzzles, and more all into one, and we plan on telling you more about it right now and here!

Go through the Looking Glass for battles, adventures, and cats!

Start off by choosing one of the two fighters, one female and one male, each with their own cat pet familiar. Click to move along on the roads, and click on gold to collect it when found. The same goes for crystals, which are both important, as they represent your resources.

When you find chests that you open and they are guarded by predatory plants, fight them. Drag from the hero and cat towards the enemies to attack them, and if you have better stats, you will win.

Of course, if they have them, you lose, so make sure that with your resources and the things you find in the chests, you always do upgrades on your warrior.

The battles take place in turns. As you proceed, you will meet many foes to beat, but many friends to make as well, so forge relationships to win any war that comes your way.

Now that it has surely been understood, we will let you discover the rest of the game, after which we hope to see you play even more of our great daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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