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What is E-Scooter?


E-Scooter driving games online in 3D is not something that you get to see here just every day, precisely why our team was very excited to share this game with you all right now and here, all for free, as it gives you the opportunity to drive this little thing at speeds never possible in real life, and we're positive you will have a real blast from start to finish!

Ride the E-Scooter for maximum speed and fun!

Use the right and left arrow keys to drive the scooter through traffic, where you should collect coins in order to, later on, use them at buying new scooters to use, reach the charge station to get more energy, but also get it from the yellow lightning bolts you could collect, and if you grab the blue arrow power-ups you get a boost of speed.

The race is over only when you are totally out of power since these machines are electrical, so try to always hold on to more electricity to keep going forward for as long as possible, if you want to be able to unlock all the models, and race with them on all the tracks.

Now that you have surely understood our game and its fun premise, let the excitement begin right now after which we invite you along for way more fun to come, we promise!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.



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