Goku: DB Pang

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What is Goku: DB Pang?

Goku: DB Pang

Goku: DB Pang is one of the two new Dragonball Z Games online that our team is delighted to share today with you all on our website, even more so since it features the main character when he was younger, in the original series, and we are positive you will have just as much fun if not even more so than before!

Play a game of DB Pang with Goku!

The dragon balls, big or small, will be bumping and jumping around the screen, and you need to move Goku left and right using the corresponding arrow keys to avoid them because if he gets hit by them enough times that the health bar depletes, you lose.

To eliminate the balls and get points in return, shoot them by pressing the spacebar when you are below them, as you will shoot a ray of energy above you when that is done.

Some balls, if they are bigger, do not disappear, but turn into smaller balls as they divide, so focus on them when that happens not to get overwhelmed. See how much you can play, and how big of a score you can make, and maybe share it with us in the comments section!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar.

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