Pesky Posters

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What is Pesky Posters?

Pesky Posters

Pesky Posters is the game with which we now want to introduce you to the Lamput Games category of our website, and you should know that there will now not be any other website better than ours for you to play these games, and this game is going to be proof enough of that, so let us teach you what and how to do it!

Get rid of the Pesky Posters of Lamput!

Before the night ends you need to get rid of all the posters because if you fail to do it, you lose. Move Lamput using the right and left arrow keys, and when you are near a poster, use the up arrow key to take them down. Specs Doctor is looking for you, so when he throws light at you with his tool, make sure to evade it, because getting caught also means losing.

It's as simple and dynamic as that, so now that you have been introduced to everything, let the fun begin right now, and maybe invite your friends along to see what this category has to offer!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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