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What are Lamput Games?

Lamput Games is a category that proves how our team is always willing to bring you new games to play from all across the world, as this is a show that comes from India, and it is now also airing on Cartoon Network in other parts of the world, including the USA, but that would never have been a problem anyway since the show is a goofy one where the gags are mostly visual, always meant to be funny, sort of like a new-age Tom and Jerry, but before that, let's get deeper into this one, so we can show you just how much fun there can be had here!

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Ever since its debut in 2020, the show has had a total of four seasons and 116 episodes, with them being micro in size, meaning 3 to 5 minutes, and sometimes 7-minutes specials such as:

Lamput, the main character of the show, is gooey and orange, and he is a creature made in the lab of Specs and Skinny, from where he has escaped, which is why the two evil geniuses are always trying to catch him back. Well, their mistake was giving him the ability to shape-shift, which he uses to evade them countless times in his adventures.

Specs is known as the 'Fat Doc', because he is fat, and 'Slim Doc' is obviously Skinny. Other characters include Mr. Mustache, who is a yellow fit man who works as a police officer, who usually handles, captures, and maybe even beats up the two evil doctors, Doctor, who sometimes checks in with all three main characters, While Lady and Pink Lady, the crushes of the two docs, and The Boss, the doctor of the boss.

Some special characters also appear at times, of course. Play our games with Lamput online for free to do things such as get rid of wanted posters of our orange friend, jump around to evade the doctors, or even help the two doctors to find the protagonist, which is not nice, but in this game, it is allowed.

This should be known as just the beginning of this category, because with its popularity in India and then worldwide crossover appeal, we are not that many more episodes will be produced, just like games will be, and we are always going to be the first ones sharing them with you, as with any and all categories here!