Lamput Jump

Lamput Jump

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Lamput Jump
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Lamput Jump Overview


We are far from being done with this category, hence why right at this moment we are sharing with everyone the Lamput Jump game from the Cartoon Network Games category we know you love so much, one of the first jumping games this category has had, so it is even more important to try and give it a chance!

Jump with Lamput!

If playing on a computer, use the right and left arrow keys to move left and right, pressing the spacebar to jump, and if you are playing on a phone or computer, swipe with the finger where you want to go and jump.

Jump from platform to platform to collect as many orange icons as possible, earning points in return, but also the hearts, which give you more lives, or get on the red power-ups that act as a spring and make you jump higher.

If you lose all your lives from falling from the platforms, which break, by the way, you lose and need to start all the way again from the bottom when we are sure you will do a better job!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Cartoon Network

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