Europe Flags

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Europe Flags
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What is Europe Flags?

Europe Flags

We now invite you to take an online quiz on Europe Flags, and it is even better if you are not from the continent since it will show just how smart you are, but if you are already from there, you might want to try this also, to see if you've still got it! Ready?

Try the Europe Flags quiz game online right now and here!

You will be shown three flags, and you need to identify one of the countries required from you at that level, with there being a total of 51 flags to guess. You need to do it before the time bar runs out, or you lose that point. For each correct answer, you also get a point.

Of course, you might need to take the quiz several times until you learn the countries really well and are able to get a perfect score, something we encourage you to do, and which we are sure you will find really fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Y8 Studio

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