Plumber Duck

Plumber Duck

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Plumber Duck
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Plumber Duck Overview


A duck who works as a plumber? Well, anything and everything is possible in the world of online gaming, which is why such an interesting new puzzle game online has just been added for you all here free of charge, we invite you to play on computers, phones, and whatever device you have, as long as you do, since it is really incredible!

Let's become the best Plumber Duck in town!

Use the mouse to click on the pipes and turn them around, rotating them in such a way that they all connect together into forming one big pipeline, and when that is done, it will start running, and from it will pop out of duck, since that is how the cute little furry birds like to move about in this world.

You get points depending on how well you perform level to level, and you should know that they get more difficult as you advance, but that only means that they also get more fun. Let's begin right now since fun is waiting on you, and make sure to stick around and see what else we've got cooking up for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Y8 Studio

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