Kogama: Jungle Treasure

16.02.2023 390 5 votes

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What is Kogama: Jungle Treasure?

Kogama: Jungle Treasure

Jungle Treasure is now added to the longstanding series of Kogama Games online from our website, where we are always down to share with you new and interesting content such as this one, where you get to visit the most interesting habitat of animals without a doubt, the jungle, but online, so it is totally safe, we promise!

Let's find the Jungle Treasure of Kogama!

In this reach the flag game you have to run and jump to avoid all the obstacles, pits, and dangerous environments that you encounter in the jungle, even dangerous animals as well, doing it in order to, well, reach the flag and make a good time for each course, while collecting treasure along the route, and get some more at the end of the road.

Move with WASD, look around with the mouse, interact with E, respawn with K, and be on the lookout for any power-ups or useful items that you might be able to find down the road, we are sure that you can make use of them to always beat your times and have even more fun! Enjoy!



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How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, E and K keys.