Kogama: Treasure Hunter Adventure

Kogama: Treasure Hunter Adventure

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Kogama: Treasure Hunter Adventure
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Kogama: Treasure Hunter Adventure Overview


Become a Treasure Hunter and go on an incredible new Kogama Adventure online with one of the best such multiplayer games online we are now happy to share with everyone on our website, knowing very well just how much fun we've had with it ourselves, so sharing it with you all right now was the next logical step we had to take. Let's start explaining the format, so you can start playing the game right away!

Go on a Treasure Hunter Adventure online with Kogama!

Go around the various locations of this world in order to discover its treasures, which you exchange for Kogama points, which you can later use for buying vehicles or unlocking new levels, and continuing your adventure in doing it again, but in a new location and having even more fun.

Of course, you can also acquire new skins, as you begin with the tourist one. Move with WASD, use space to jump, look around with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse button, holster weapon with Q, use E to interact, and K to respawn.

Let your next adventure begin right now, and maybe tell your friends about the amazing content we are happy to bring them here day after day, as you can obviously see!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, space, Q, E, and K.



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