Low's Adventures 2

Low's Adventures 2

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Low's Adventures 2
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Low's Adventures 2 Overview


Low's Adventures 2 is a new platform-adventure game online inspired by the Mario Games series, which is quite clear from the way that the levels are made, as well as the gameplay, but this game you can also play on mobile devices, and it features new worlds, skins, characters, and fun things to experience!

Let's have fun with Low's Adventures 2 online!

Move using W, A, and D, and go through the levels to collect all the coins required from them, reaching the finish line without falling into pits, spikes, and other kinds of traps and dangers, enemies included since monsters lurk around and you need to avoid hitting them head-on.

If you want to kill the monsters, you can jump on top of their heads. Use buttons to open up new platforms, use the ones that move up and down, or left and right, and see how you can make it past no matter what the levels are going to throw at you, simple as that, even if they become really difficult.

Good luck and the best we wish you, hoping to see you around for more fun to come. Good luck, and don't stop here, since we've got plenty more in store for you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use W, A, D.



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