Wood Block Tap Away

Wood Block Tap Away

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Wood Block Tap Away
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Wood Block Tap Away Overview


Puzzle games in 3D are always going to be received very well on our website, which is why we are happy that at this moment we could share with you all the amazing new game called Wood Block Tap Away, a game whose format we will now further explain, after which you should feel ready to give it your very best!

Tap Away the Wood Block, piece by piece!

You will get a block made out of smaller wooden blocks, each with an arrow on them that shows in which way you can tap them away. Tap on the blocks to remove them, one after another, until none of them are still standing, and when the screen is cleared, so is the level.

Try to do it fast, so that you earn lots of money in return, which then goes over to your bank. Know that each new level will feature a puzzle more difficult than the one before it, but clearly also more fun. Can you finish them all, no matter how hard they get?

Come and find out, and don't stop here, since the day is far from beginning over, it has just begun, and many more amazing games are going to follow right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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