Rainbow Shooter Shoot'Em All

Rainbow Shooter Shoot'Em All

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Rainbow Shooter Shoot'Em All
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Rainbow Shooter Shoot'Em All Overview


Rainbow Shooter Shoot'Em All is a new game added to our website which might confuse you at first since you might expect to shoot down the Rainbow Friends, but that is far from being the case because right now we are talking about multiple Huggy Wuggy toys in the colors of the rainbow, all of whom want to kill you, so make sure you shoot them down before they can do that!

Become a Rainbow Shooter and Shoot'Em All!

Move with WASD, aim and shoot with the mouse, peer with Q and E, jump with the spacebar, change weapons with X, throw grenades with G and V, and reload with R.

You find yourself in a colorful world, where even your gun is painted in multiple colors, and there you need to shoot down the monsters in each wave to survive and complete it.

If they attack you and your health bar depletes, you will lose instead, so focus not to let that happen for anything in the world. Each new wave becomes more complicated than the last one, so upgrade with new weapons between them.

Don't stop here either, since we have prepared many more amazing games for each of you, and we hope you are not going to miss out on any!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, mouse, R, V, X, G, Q, E keys.

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