Musical Crystals

14.03.2023 195 2 votes

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What is Musical Crystals?

Musical Crystals

Musical Crystals is our latest contribution to the newly-minted category of Mini Beat Power Rockers Games online that we hope to develop as much and as well as possible on our website, where we know already that they are amazing from our own time with them, so expect yourself to have the same awesome time with it!

Shoot the Musical Crystals!

In each level, there are musical crystals floating in the air, and your goal is to shoot them down with the cannon, which is going to move left and right by itself, and when you click on the screen, it shoots snow globes.

With these globes, you have to shoot down the crystals, no matter where they are positioned, as you need to figure out the best time to shoot through them.

Do this through a total of nine levels, one more difficult than the last, but more fun at the same time, of course. Good luck and great timing we wish you all and hope to see you around for even more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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