Godzilla Domination

17.03.2023 492 7 votes

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What is Godzilla Domination?

Godzilla Domination

An era of Godzilla Domination is upon us right now with one of the best monster games with action that we have added to our website in recent times, featuring this iconic character we know for a fact you can never get tired of, even more so if you are allowed to become it and use it to destroy everything in your path!

Start the Godzilla Domination of the world!

This is a classic Atari game from the past that has now been made to be easily available and playable on computers directly from your browsers, something we invite you to do right now! Use WASD for movement, A for Z, B for X, R for S, I for A.

You can go through the Story mode and have the adventure to reveal a mystery about a magnetic meteor, you can play with up to four friends in the versus mode, or have a single-player battle against the computer in the custom mode.

Of course, your goal is to use your monster to defeat the other monsters, since Godzilla is a good guy, but the same cannot be said of the other ones. Are you ready? Begin right now, only here, and stick around to see what other great games we've got in store for you today!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and A, B, R, I keys.

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