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Cube Colossus

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Cube Colossus
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Cube Colossus Overview


Cube Colossus is a new action-adventure game where you take control of a spaceship in a futuristic scenario where you go out on missions in a world quite similar to many anime shows in this genre, where you have to go rescue someone that has been taken over enemy lines, and along the way, you have to defeat all your opponents. Let's teach you how!

Defeat the Cube Colossus to save the world!

Move your ship with the mouse, and use left-click to shoot. Use W to change to the nearest target, A and D to tilt the target offense clockwise or counter-clockwise, and S to reset the offset. Use the overdrive, the special move, by pressing the spacebar, when you've got the necessary energy for it.

In each mission you have to fly around and shoot the cube targets down, making sure to prevent them from hitting you too much, because if your health bar ends up depleting, you also end up losing.

The more enemies you defeat, the more points you also earn in return, something you should definitely focus on. Good luck, enjoy, and see what other amazing games we've got in store for you all here!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys, and the spacebar.

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