Toy Match 2

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What is Toy Match 2?

Toy Match 2

Toy Match 2 is now free of charge and ready for you to play on our website because we know we can never go wrong with adding new matching games online for our big group of kids who visit us day by day, knowing that the best in the world of gaming is going to be presented to them, just like we are doing right now as well!

Have fun with Toy Match 2 online!

Each block on the screen comes in various colors, and on them, there are various toys depicted, with your goal in each level being to eliminate the target block of toys shown to you on the left side of the screen.

Use the mouse to swap blocks between one another, when they are one to the next one, and when you can do so to form groups of horizontal or vertical blocks of the same kind, at least three in a row.

When you do that and the blocks are eliminated, you also earn points in return, so at each stage, you should try and see how big of a score you can make. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around since we're far from done with the new slate of games for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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