Summer Match 3

Summer Match 3

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Summer Match 3
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Summer Match 3 Overview


Summer Match 3 is going to be a perfect game for you to play, since this season that everyone was waiting for has officially kicked in. We're sure that you will want to play a matching game, which is a staple of online gaming, featuring items that are traditional to what is happening in this heated season, and we will now explain what to do and how in case you're new to this kind of game!

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The game works a bit differently from other matching games you are used to, in the sense that you will control a hand with which you move things such as starfish, sunglasses, benches, watermelon, and more so that you put three of them in a line on top of each other.

When that is made, they get eliminated, granting you points, and you need to keep matching without letting the items hit the top of the screen, as new rows get added all the time. If that happens, you lose. Try hitting your goals for each level, and don't stop until you can no more! Good luck, enjoy, and maybe invite your friends for fun as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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