Kings and Queens Match

Kings and Queens Match

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Kings and Queens Match
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Kings and Queens Match Overview


A match 3 game fit for Kings and Queens has now been added on our website for each and all of you, as we consider you gaming royalty, and you're treated as such through our daily content, which we're very happy to share this mobile-friendly new puzzle game with matching, whose simple rules we will explain right away, so you can start playing it sooner rather than later!

Let's match 3 with kings and queens online!

Jewels, flasks, shields, insignia, and other items related to royals are going to be found on the screen, and with the mouse or touch controls you need to swipe two adjacent ones (next to one another) so that you form a horizontal or vertical row of at least three identical items, which eliminates them, and gives you points.

There are certain items you need to focus on a level to clear it, and you need to do it before the time granted runs out on you. Use the special items that appear to make matching go faster, and thus finish levels quicker, as there are many, which only get more difficult as you complete them. We wish you the best, and good luck, and hope to see you around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Match the target items before the time given runs out on you to clear a level.
  • Special items with multiple colors allow you to match any kind of jewels or even teleport them into new spots.
  • Try getting 3/3 stars per level by matching fast!

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