Balloon Match 3D

Balloon Match 3D

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Balloon Match 3D
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Balloon Match 3D Overview


Balloon Match 3D has now been added to our website because we like seeing match 3 games online a little bit different than the norm, which will definitely be the case right at this moment, and we're not even talking just about the aspect of this game being in 3D, but also because of how you do the matching of the balloons, something we will now explain to you, so you can give the game your best from the get-go!

Let's Balloon Match 3D online!

You will have a bunch of balloons in various colors, and you need to place three of them in a row by clicking on them in order, and having them placed in the spots down below. When 3 have been put consecutively, you will be able to see them removed and earn the points gained in exchange for them.

Now, know that you need to use this method to remove all the balloons on the screen before the time runs out on you, and know that you have a limited number of balloon spots down below to use. If you run out of space to place them, you lose. You can also rotate the pile of balloons around to get to the ones you are seeking to match.

Each new level is harder than the last, but also more fun, as you can be used to here, so start right now, and stick around, since more fun is still on its way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • MATCH FAST TO WIN: you're playing against time, so don't let the clock strike zero with balloons left to match.
  • ROTATION IS KEY: you can swipe and drag the pile of balloons around to reach your targets easily.
  • USE POWER-UPS: as you advance through the levels, bonus powers and hints are granted to you at the very bottom of the screen, so use them when in need!

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