Crazy Sheep Hopper

Crazy Sheep Hopper

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Crazy Sheep Hopper
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Crazy Sheep Hopper Overview


Crazy Sheep Hopper is a skill and shooting game with sheep in a combination of genres unlike even we have seen before, resulting in one of the most unique gaming experiences you could be having today on our website, and we definitely hope that you do, because it would be a real shame if you were to miss out on it!

Have fun with Crazy Sheep Hopper online!

Use the mouse to shoot in the opposite direction so that you can make the sheep fly in the desired one, since it is the only way for it to hop, and you need to jump from one platform to another, all the while collecting the three stars along the way, before you reach the barn at the end of a level, which is your goal.

In each new level, the setting gets more difficult to navigate, with more obstacles and traps being added between you and the barn, so you have to also upgrade your skills and become better at shooting the sheep into the air and advancing with it. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around to see what other great content we're coming up with today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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