Build Seafood Mart

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What is Build Seafood Mart?

Build Seafood Mart

Build Seafood Mart is a new hypercasual business management game online in 3D that we offer you today, and not the first one for this time frame, as one had already appeared here today, and since we saw how much you enjoyed it, we knew that a new awesome addition was a must, so we hope that you will now give this game a chance, without having a doubt!

Build a Seafood Mart online!

With the mouse or finger, you drag your manager around, starting off by setting up your first facilities with the money you took as a loan:

  • cashier
  • fridge
  • fishing deck

Go fishing, put the fish into the fridge, and after customers take them to the cashier, make sure that you ring them in, and use the money you've earned for even more expansion.

For example, you get the chance of recruiting fishermen to do the fishing for you, and then you can add even more workers to the seafood mart, as well as give it other fridges as well, and making it bigger and better, attracting more customers, and having more revenue.

Good luck, enjoy, and stick around to catch all the other amazing games we will bring here today for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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