My Mart

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What is My Mart?

My Mart

My Mart is yet another hypercasual business management game in 3D that our administrative team is highly delighted to share with everyone here free of charge, as we know that you love these games a lot, hence why new additions are always a great idea, even more so if one day you want to be a real good store owner in real life!

My Mart - a new supermarket management game for kids!

To move your stickman avatar, simply use the mouse on computers and the finger on mobile devices to move through the shop, where you need to stock the shelves with products, and then ring them up for the customers who come to buy them, earning money in return.

Of course, with the money you earn you are then going to invest back in the shop, where you buy more shelves, add more products, diversifying your portfolio, and even hiring workers to do the jobs for you.

It's that simple, and the game can go on for however long you want it, since it is your business, just make sure not to get overworked by the load of the job. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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