Antistress Numbers

30.03.2023 393 3 votes

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What is Antistress Numbers?

Antistress Numbers

Antistress Numbers is one of the best new casual puzzle games online that our administrative team is delighted to share with everyone on our website right now, where you get to play a bunch of simple mini-games featuring numbers that you can manipulate in one way or another, all to forget about stress and get yourself relaxed!

Play around with Antistress Numbers online right now!

In one of the games, you have to put the puzzle together by drawing lines between the blocks with the same number and color without mixing their lines with one another. In another game you connect numbers, just like in mahjong, putting a pair of two identical numbers together to eliminate them.

Become the smartest in the third game, where you have to mix and merge two blocks of the same color together in order to create one of a bigger number, and so forth, but without filling up the space too much, because if you run out of moves, you have to stop then and there.

In either one you will play, we wish you the best, and hope to see you around all day, since we've got many more surprises coming for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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