2020 Plus

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What is 2020 Plus?

2020 Plus

More puzzle games are always a great idea, even more so when they have colorful blocks and allow you to get better at matching, merging, and all that stuff, which is what we invite you to experience right now and here on our website with 2020 Plus Online, which has more fun than the original, as the title would seem to suggest, and we promise it does!

Play 2020 Plus online for fun!

You will be given blocks in various sizes and shapes on the right side of the screen, which you then need to put over the empty spaces in such a way that you form horizontal or vertical lines of complete blocks, top to bottom, left or right, and when you do, they get eliminated.

That is how you fill-up the progress bar at the top, which you need to make full to complete a stage, and if you're not arranging blocks and matching them, it slowly decreases, so don't let it happen. Good luck and the best we wish you all, and we hope that you check out more similar games like this here, they're also fun and nice!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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