Monster Candy Rush

Monster Candy Rush

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Monster Candy Rush
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Monster Candy Rush Overview


Monster Candy Rush is going to be one of the best new skill games online you get to play free of charge on our website right now, something we guarantee from our own amazing time with it, hence why we are now sharing it here, where you've got a cute monster hungry for candy, and only your good timing, rhythm, and reaction time will help it get it!

Go on a Monster Candy Rush online right now!

Candy will be put in various spots on the screen, sometimes being static, but sometimes moving around in various directions. Your goal is to get the monster to eat them, but make sure that he does not hit the spikes on the sides of the screen, or any other kinds of traps that appear along the way.

Click or tap in the direction you want the monster to jump, towards the left or right. Of course, each candy you eat is a point, so try to get a score as big as possible. Use the coins to buy new skins for your monster from the shop. It's all that simple, and even more fun, so let's begin right now, having fun only with us is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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