Save Huggy Wuggy

Save Huggy Wuggy

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Save Huggy Wuggy
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Save Huggy Wuggy Overview


Save Huggy Wuggy is the drawing puzzle game online that our Poppy Playtime Games category really needed right now, as we know very well that games in this format have been blowing up in popularity recently, and new additions with famous characters even more so, so let's see if we can help this creepy toy get saved, since this time, it is it that is being hunted!

Can you Save Huggy Wuggy?

With the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices, you need to draw in such a way that Huggy Wuggy will be protected from the bats that will attack him after you finish the drawing, as well as other dangers and traps, such as spikes on the floor, for example.

At each new level the dangers get bigger, so figure out better things to draw. But, if you drew the best shape for protection, and Huggy survives the bat attack until the timer reaches zero seconds, you win, simple as that!

Now that everything has been explained, you should feel confident to start the game right away, after which we invite you around for even more daily content only here you get to have!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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