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Katkoot Overview


It's a great day to be fans of games with birds online, but also puzzle-clicker games, since our latest contribution to our website, Katkoot online, has all of these things together, and it is one of the best new gaming experiences that we invite you to have right now, knowing from our own time with it just how great it is!

Have fun with Katkoot online, your new favorite bird!

In each level of the game you are given a task to do, but it can be misleading, as your goal is to get the bird to get forward and finish the course, while the game aims to prevent you from achieving that.

Figure out the mechanics of each level and click around to interact with the items around, such as the buttons, until you clear a path for the bird, and take as many chances as you need to.

Through some levels you will have to play a really huge amount of time to finish them, so never give up, as that is the main mantra you need to have to finish such a game!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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