Hyper Neon Ball

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What is Hyper Neon Ball?

Hyper Neon Ball

Hyper Neon Ball is a game we are positively sure that none of our visitors will now miss out on for anything in the world, since this is a format that has been around for a long time now, in all sorts of versions, and each one does better than the last one, so we are sure that you will enjoy this new addition just as much as we did!

Let's roll with the Hyper Neon Ball!

The goal you have in each level is to get the hyper neon ball to enter into the basket, no matter what shape it has, avoiding the obstacles and traps put along the way between it and the target, but know that you have a limited amount of tries that you can use, and if you run out of them, you need to restart the level.

Swipe toward where you want to shoot the ball, and the longer your swipe, the more power, and height it will have. Each new level gets more difficult than the one before it, as you would expect, but we're sure that your skills with the ball will also improve, so a great time is surely going to follow!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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