Wear the Helmet

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What is Wear the Helmet?

Wear the Helmet

Wear the Helmet is one of the best new obstacle-avoiding games online on our website, where you drive, of course, but this time you are going to drive a scooter, which we are sure is going to be quite the awesome fresh experience for you all, since scooter driving games don't come about often, and we're sure that your skills will be well used here, and you will be having a blast!

Wear the Helmet or not, avoid the obstacles with your scooter!

Use the up and down arrow keys, or the corresponding touch controls to avoid the obstacles on the road, no matter their kind, because if you hit into them, you lose, but your goal is to not let that happen but advance on the road very much, and always get a bigger distance than before.

You can choose to be a rider with or without a helmet, but that is only about design, as you will crash either way if you hit roadblocks. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here for a second, since we guarantee more amazing games, as per usual, as the day is far from being over!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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